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Moringa Oleifera - “Miracle Tree” or “Tree of Life”

Moringa Oleifera, also known as “Miracle Tree” or “Tree of Life”, is the plant richest in nutrient given us by nature. Moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains 46 antioxidants, all essential amino acids and zeatin.
••• That’s why we engage for the profitable and purposeful application of Moringa Oleifera – for the use of this undemanding tree in fighting hunger in our world •••

•    The Moringa tree grows in all tropical and semitropical countries of this world. Therefore, the Moringa tree is a unique gift of nature to  the starving humanity in our southern hemisphere.
•    Just 25 grams of Moringa leaf powder cover a child’s day demand, secure his survival and provide a far quicker regeneration of a malnourished child.
•    The plant Moringa Oleifera is scientifically proved to be the plant richest in nutrient by far on this planet.
•    The versatility of Moringa is amazing: The consumption of the sheets or the taking of the sheet powder can combat poor nutrition and malnutrition, anemia, headaches, irregular blood pressure, inclination to inflammations and skin infections, diarrhea and fever.
•    Moringa provides an extraordinary and unique big number of for humans indispensable “essential” and “non-essential” amino acids.
•    Due to its gracefully built leaves with their hygroscopic qualities (caused by the high sodium content) the tree fits excellently not only for hot dry regions and blazing sun locations but also for tropical areas with more rain.
•    Moringa Oleifera serves as an agricultural useful plant for small farmers towards self-sufficiency and for starving humanity in general.


The healthy power is in its leaves
Moringa provides a far higher content of mineral substances and micronutrients in high doses than other comparable food. The special feature of Moringa powder is the interaction of minerals and secondary plant materials, vitamins, hormones and enzyme elements in their natural forms. From these natural resource, they can be absorbed by the body perfectly. Moreover, in vegetable fibers embedded engaged vital substances are emitted more slowly to the fabric.
These numerous valuable nutrients and vital substances are especially found in the leaves or in the leaf powder in a perfectly composed form. One should especially emphasize the high number of amino acids since in the leaves 18 of the 20 known essential amino acids could be proved.
 The human organism cannot produce these self-sufficiently.
Moringa belongs to the most ferrous plants and, moreover, shows high values in calcium, magnesium and potassium. In addition, the messenger substance zeatin, which is found in the powder, causes an improved absorption of the vital substances.

Zeatin: Amazingly, the leaves of the Moringa tree contain up to 1000 times more zeatin than other plants. In our body, zeatin acts as a messenger substance that makes sure that all the important vital substances in the Moringa may be absorbed and used by the human organism.
Another advantage: Zeatin restrains the reduction of the natural chlorophyll of the Moringa leaf. Thus, the proteins and vital substances contained in the Moringa leaf are diminished far slower. This is also a big advantage for the processing of the leaves to leaf powder because this makes sure the nutrients will be preserved for a long time.

The Moringa seed offers one of the best and most stable vegetable oils; it is of very long durability and does not get rancid. It was used before as a basis for the production of ointments or as a fine lubricating oil in the watch industry but also as salad oil or for producing soap and cosmetics.
The press cake, which remains after the oil production, is rich in many valuable substances so it can be used as animal food, as soil conditioner or for water purification.
Swiss scientists have discovered that Moringa seed contains substances that can purify contaminated water. 0.2 grams of Moringa seed powder are sufficient process 1 litre of drinking water.
According to detailed scientific investigations, adverse effects of the powder for humans or fresh-water and farm-reared fish can be excluded.
For further reading: Der Wunderbaum Moringa – Ein Vitamingeschenk von Mutter Erde
by Erwin G. Bruns, Hans-Peter Zgraggen,
Edition Hesper, Saarbrücken, Germany