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Welcome to us in the Philippines.

We want to delight you from the land that was born " of fire and water". Get to know the Philippines the friendly people and the beautiful  nature-let open your heart to effort poor people to allow their children a happy future.Join us through the project.

My name is Georg Liebrand

How it all began

Lubo is a small village in the forests of north-east Mindanao, 30 km away from civilization.
The villagers are of the tribe of Manobos.

There live about 450 people who are trying from vegetable growing, animal husbandry, hunting, logging and gold panning achieve their income. By seclusion nature is still largely untouched and intact. Because the soil is not very fertile, insects and wildlife complicate the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, most of the food must be brought in with remodeled motorcycles. It has wooden boards built on the motorcycles to fix the charge thereon, which can be up to 300 kg. It's amazing how these motorcyclists bring the heavy load on unpaved roads, rivers and wooden boards that span small ravines, into the village. Even up to 5 people are with these motorcycles, Habal Habal called transported. And this is also the only way by Lubo to come.


the Project - back to the Natural cycles of the Earth

Small farmers and large families provide valuable organic food in the southern world
- Self-sufficiency of the rural population with quality food
- Support of health care by Moringa as a holistic food and dietary supplements,
- The regional market gardening ensures a cost-favorable and food security of the rural population,
- The coral reefs (and oceans) can regenerate itself,
- No pollution from the CLOSED-Senen natural cycles,
- The biodiversity is greatly enriched,
- The soil quality is improved as a whole permanently,
- The CO2 emissions will be reduced,
- The climate change is decelerated,
- The rural population is independent.
- Beneficiaries are all people in need: large families, small farmers and the elderly.